Merge Wallpapers

De-SignApp merges wallpaper to help you express your creative side. With amazing simplicity, and exceptional functionality, you can create real art, or impressive professional photos and backgrounds. Visualize image on wall with your iPhone. Apply perspectives on wallpapers to create something stunning unique!



How will a particular art look on a certain wall? How will that photo look as a wallpaper, in that office? If you need a visualization tool, De-SignApp is the answer. The photo editing and visualization tool will help you merge wallpaper and visualize it on walls or anywhere. The possibilities are endless!



De-SignApp can create professional photos from your normal everyday photos. Just select a picture from your gallery or capture from camera and mix this picture with our existing stunning wallpaper or choose another photo and merge them together to get an impressive result. You can easily turn on the overlay to always have the best perspective!



Simple and intuitive UI


Apply perspectives on wallpapers to create something stunning unique!


Useful for designing something uniquely creative!

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  • Simple and intuitive UI

  • Merge wallpapers

  • Crop photos

  • Visualization tool

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